About Us


Christopher Stephens is an old-school bookman.  He has spent his entire life reading, buying, researching, and learning about books.  With his wife, Louisa, he has owned and managed a series of bookstores.  The first was in their home in Mt. Carroll, Illinois, while they finished school.  Stephens Bookshop moved to Manhattan: 38th Street, Madison Avenue, and then 69th Street.  In 1993, Chris combined his inventory with his father-in-law’s established store, riverrun bookshop, in Hastings-on-Hudson NY. 


Chris ran the legendary riverrun for 23 years, with collectors, readers, authors, publishers, and other book lovers coming in and out.   The riverrun bookshop continued its reputation as being one of the nicest rare book and out of print stores on the East Coast. 


After almost five decades of buying selling, and publishing books in the New York City area, Chris moved his book and postcard energy to Scranton, Pa. 


In 2016 he sold the entire riverrun operation, except the massive postcard collection, to Tom Lecky who runs riverrun today. 


Chris Stephens has fifteen hundred postcards online and exhibits at frequent postcard shows, buying and selling.  He continues buying books, especially vintage paperbacks, many of which are offered for sale here.   With the move to the new location, Stephens Bookstore draws on the rich experience of its owner.